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Marshal Export manufactures and exports complete range of Kitchen linen with the best cotton materials. Our kitchen linen ranges from Oven Gloves, Double Oven Gloves, Pot Holder, Apron, Kitchen Towel, Dish Cloth, etc.

Oven gloves, kitchen towels, Apron for women, chefs, butchers, etc., are made of 100% cotton and are tested for colour retention, shrinkage, durability and absorbency

All the items in our Kitchen Linen range are manufactured to the highest possible standards and subject to strict quality control process

Kitchen Linen-Product Range

oven gloves   double oven gloves   pot holder
Oven Gloves   Double Oven Gloves   Pot Holder
kitchen aprons   hand towels   dish cloth
Kitchen Aprons   Kitchen Towels   Dish Cloth

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